The Zinjan Skull Project

Margaret Mead Nuclear Anthropology NEWS

George Orwell 1984 nuclear anthropology TIME

The  Margaret Mead nuclear family is  composed of  brain atomic particles.  Thus we have  social anthropology life with proton English prose, neutron brain radio neurotransmitters, and   electron   judicial   circuit court judges.   It is important to understand this internal government , its intellectual laws,  its operation and purpose about life.   Are you aware of   brain clock  TIME?

  1. your English class teacher said read  George Orwell  1984.
  2. The ZINJAN  skull  and  ZINO particle say–> read George Orwell’s 1984 atomic computer manual.

YEAR 1984 + oxygen atomic BASE 16 Hexadecimal = Year  2000.      These  are  lung / brain oxygen written  Y2K  ORDERS   from   author George ORwell.      

A  time  message  from GEORGE  to  President GEORGE  Bush.  WHY?


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