The Zinjan Skull Project

Margaret Mead Nuclear Anthropology NEWS

Zinjan – The DNA TIME split problem

Ask yourself ,  “Why does April Fool’s Day exist?”   Its an existence TEST.

  1. your teacher said  ——-> Twenty – four hour day  = 24
  2. ZINJAN  skull says –>  20    –   4      = 16 hours  Hexadecimal Time              

 Are you a TWO-TIME loser?       TWO = 2;   as  in  the  Y2K  biological clock used by the cortex computer.   The  year 2000 brain upgrade  is an intellectual failure.    In year 2010, Margaret Mead  modern anthropolgy,  cortex cannibals eat brain memory cells –> such as the Alzheimer’s  HEAD  HUNTERS.

  1. the old English language phrase —->” Food  for thought”
  2. modern HEAD HUNTER equation –>”Food = forehead thoughts,ideas, and memories”   –> especially mathematical physics professorial brains.

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